Monthly Archives: October 2016

Stand Alone Door Access Control System
Experiencing a system where you currently have no control of adding or deleting user cards or pins? There is a simple solution which allows you to have greater control of your door access control system by having your current H.I.D or any other brand reader changed to a Neptune reader. The Neptune reader allows either pin or card entry. Same access cards can still be…
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Female Friendly Business
Have you been put in a situation where its just you and a tradesman alone in your home or office and have felt uncomfortable? Have you ever been spoken rudely to by a tradesman. Have you experienced a tradesman who was imitating and scary to you? What do you do in these unfortunate situations? You do your homework first and hire the right tradesman. Word…
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Cm3 Qualified Contractor
CBD Locksmiths is Cm3 registered. Cm3 is Australia’s leading OHS/WHS Contractor Prequalification system. The CM3 system has been adopted by many leading property management companies to manage the pre-qualification and engagement of Contractors. Cm3 provides qualified OHS/WHS specialists who assess applicants such as contractors (CBD LOCKSMITHS) health and safety management systems and capabilities – giving you a detailed understanding of your contractors work health and…
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