Lockwood 001TOUCH

Lockwood’s iconic 001 has been securing most homes in Australia. The new 001 is now available in digital. It has been tested in accordance with Australian lock standard. As with the original product, the 001TOUCH™ uses the 001 Dead latch to secure the door internally however, the external cylinder has been replaced with a digital touch screen keypad. The ability to use a pin code or key card offers a convenient keyless solution.
The touch screen keypad has no mechanical buttons, this allows you to choose a pin code from 4 – 12 digits and allows you to programme up to 20 key cards with the ability to remove them individually.

Further function are:

Master Code: Ability to add and delete users.

User Codes that expire: Ideal when a tradesman requires access .

Cryptic Code Function: Prevents, confuses others from identifying your pin.

Weather Resistant Keypad: Designed to withstand most weather conditions.

Low Power Consumption: Unlock door up to 10,000 timers with one set of 4 x AA batteries.

Emergency Battery Connection: External Battery contact points to power lock.

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