Fire Rated Digital Lock
                Electronic Touch LED Keypad for code entry. RFID card, label or NFC mobile phone entry Key override entry using common front door keys Fits in standard 54 mm lockset or deadbolt hole, no additional drilling required Touch keypad with backlight. Compact, stylish keypad. Dimensions: 155mmHx75mmW. RFID card or label entry, also compatible with all common travel cards.…
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Carbine Digital Lock
Smart Digital Code Lock CL5210
Operated by either Code, Card, or Mobile Phone. Operate and manage directly via the keypad or via a compatible smartphone by downloading the K3 Connect App*. Program locks via your smartphone, generate and send codes for easy access, issue smart cards for alternative entry, track and control with audit trail. The new SMART Lock CL5510 makes access control easier, offering flexibility and convenience by providing…
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Stand Alone Door Access Control System
Experiencing a system where you currently have no control of adding or deleting user cards or pins? There is a simple solution which allows you to have greater control of your door access control system by having your current H.I.D or any other brand reader changed to a Neptune reader. The Neptune reader allows either pin or card entry. Same access cards can still be…
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Female Friendly Business
Have you been put in a situation where its just you and a tradesman alone in your home or office and have felt uncomfortable? Have you ever been spoken rudely to by a tradesman. Have you experienced a tradesman who was imitating and scary to you? What do you do in these unfortunate situations? You do your homework first and hire the right tradesman. Word…
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Cm3 Qualified Contractor
CBD Locksmiths is Cm3 registered. Cm3 is Australia’s leading OHS/WHS Contractor Prequalification system. The CM3 system has been adopted by many leading property management companies to manage the pre-qualification and engagement of Contractors. Cm3 provides qualified OHS/WHS specialists who assess applicants such as contractors (CBD LOCKSMITHS) health and safety management systems and capabilities – giving you a detailed understanding of your contractors work health and…
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Kaba X10 High Security Safe Lock
The Kaba Mas X-10 series is the trusted choice for securing the Australian Government’s most sensitive material. If you represent the military or a Government organisation, the Kaba X-10 high security safe lock should be your first choice, it’s approved to SL4 for use on approved all class A, B and B+ class containers. The Kaba-X10 high security locks are only supplied to and may…
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Kaba X10
Faulty Lagard Kaba Digital Safe Locks
Experiencing issues with your digital safe lock? If your experiencing 3 beeps and it’s locking you out, most likely the keypad is faulty and requires replacement. 20 years ago a small American company named Lagard produced a digital electronic lock which allowed users access the contents of their safe by pressing 6 digits on a keypad. Slowly they continued to refine the locks and offered…
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Lagard 3715 3750
History of Lock Picking
The pursuit of lock-picking is as old as the lock, which is itself as old as civilization. But in the entire history of the world, there was only one brief moment, lasting about 70 years, where you could put something under lock and key—a chest, a safe, your home—and have complete, unwavering certainty that no intruder could get to it. This is a feeling that…
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Chubb Lock
CMI Safes
We have been supplying, delivering, installing and servicing various brands of safes for over 16 years and have found the product C.M.I Safes to be the benchmark of all safes. The safes are made of solid construction using quality materials such as BHP solid steel with a flawless finish look, these safes are made to last. You would most likely find a C.M.I safe in…
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CMI Logo
Our clientele who trust in us
Since we opened our doors back in 1998, we have constantly been providing security locksmith services to some of Australia largest Corporations, from Government Sectors, Financial Institutions, Child Care, Retail, Hotels, Pubs, Company Suites, Real Estate and Strata Agents. They all trust to do business with us as we have in place and readily available to them; OH&S, SWMS & RAS Safety Management Plan. Master…
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