Child Window Safety
Recent string of accidents involving children falling from windows in apartment blocks has led to changes in the National Construction Code. Under the building code changes and amendment of Strata scheme Management Act section 64A, the Australian Government’s new child window safety laws for residential strata buildings commenced since December 2013, all new apartment blocks in Australia are required to have window restrictor locks fitted,…
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Child Window safety
CS Evolution Door Access Control System
CS Evolution Network Door Access Control System is Australian made and provides the system administrator a user friendly way to control your building, business premises access. There is no need to pay for "overweight" access control systems. The system is available at a fraction of the price and does not need an engineer to program. It offers all the features that the majority of networked…
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CS Evolution
Budget Safes, how secure are they?
Before you commit to buying one, is a cheap safe secure? will it keep the unauthorised out? Here are 2 questions to ask when making a decision: 1. Try tapping the side of it, do you hear a tinny sound? Is the safe lightweight? If yes, the quality is poor in a security sense. The body of these safes are made with a light weight…
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Budget Safe
Leave your car keys beside your bed at night so that when you hear a suspicious noise at night, such as stranger outside your home or intruder, press the panic button for your car. The alarm will be set off, and the horn will sound until you turn it off or the car battery dies. Its a panic Alarm System that you probably have but…
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Locksmith in Pyrmont & Ultimo
Would have probably seen our identifiable Locksmith service fleet traveling up and down Harris Street or the inner back streets of Pyrmont and Ultimo. Our Locksmith staff are working in Pyrmont and Ultimo on a daily basis. There is no walk-in Locksmith shop located in Pyrmont or Ultimo. We would be one of the closest Locksmiths servicing the Pyrmont & Ultimo area. Our workshop and…
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Mailbox Theft!
Mailbox identity theft is on the rise. For identity theft gangs it's open season on letterboxes everywhere. Fact is, a single master key easily obtained opens over 90% of Australian letterboxes. Criminals know this, and are systematically exploiting this vulnerability to steal credit card and identity information and commit fraud. Our daily mail may offer the same personal details about us which can be easily…
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letterbox lock
Security Grill Doors & Windows
For the past 16 years, we have come across many grill doors. Solid and not so solid. Instantly, we can identify a solid grill door by the workmanship and quality materials used to construct them. Such as, the brand type and thickness of steel used, the hinges fitted, the locking systems, and finally the paint finish look. A quality grill door is usually made of…
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Kings Security Doors
SCEC Endorsed, Goverment Approved Locksmith
You want someone you can truly TRUST Your business is looking for something more than just your average locksmith, right? How about a locksmith that has been fully screened by the government and trained at ASIO-T4 security in Canberra? How about someone who is qualified to work within government agencies and knows the latest security technology inside out? A SCEC, (Security Construction and Equipment Commitee)…
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SCEC logo
CBD Locksmiths in Surry Hills
If you are located in the Surry Hills area and require an immediate locksmith to attend, we are in your area right now. Our service vehicles daily travel along Crown St, Bourke St, Riley St, Albion St, Elizabeth St and the back streets of Surry Hills, Call us anytime 24/7. From emergency lock outs, locks re-keyed to lock installations, whatever your security needs, we have…
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surry hills
Locksmith in Darlinghurst
From Oxford St, Crown St, Bourke St, Riley St, Victoria Rd, Burton St, Darlinghurst Rd to Stanley St, wherever you may be around Darlinghurst, we would be just around the corner. Expected waiting time for our Locksmith to attend to emergency lockout situations in the Darlinghurst area is  30 minutes and  less at most times. Our workshop at Chifley Tower in the City is no…
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