CS Evolution Access Control

CS Evolution Access Control


This widely used CS access control system is Australian designed and made by CS Technologies.

Complete data logged door access control system. Allows you to add and delete users with a click of a mouse. Controls and records who, when and where.

Not only can it control doors, it can part control your alarm, lighting, air conditioning and lifts. “now that’s what I call intelligent security”.

Programme can be securely accessed and controlled from a central unit, or any any internet connection point with a PC or iPhone app.

Evolution is user-friendly. The system is designed to provide a cost effective solution plus the ability to seamlessly expand and adapt to future growth needs. There is no need to pay for “overweight” access control systems. CS Access Control is available at a fraction of the price, does not need an engineer to program and offers all the features that the majority of sites will require.

No licence or annual fees are required to own and run this system.

It’s tested and proven to be of high Security, reliable, expandable and once again, extremely user friendly.

Furthermore, CS Technologies and LSC are our local supplier permitting us instant access to its complete product range, same business day. No waiting on parts.

We would be more than happy to attend your premises and discuss with you how you may be able to benefit from this intelligent security access system and how it can work for you.

Contact us on 902) 9232 8839 for further information or question you may have regarding this system.