Faulty Lagard Kaba Digital Safe Locks

Experiencing issues with your digital safe lock?

If your experiencing 3 beeps and it’s locking you out, most likely the keypad is faulty and requires replacement.

20 years ago a small American company named Lagard produced a digital electronic lock which allowed users access the contents of their safe by pressing 6 digits on a keypad. Slowly they continued to refine the locks and offered additional options until they dominated the market.

Lagard today have produced some of the most innovative digital safe locks the safe industry has seen, unfortunately, back in 2011, decision was made to move the manufacturing to Asia, things steered downhill from then with the 3715 and the 3750 keypads faulting. In 2015, the decision was reversed and a newer, improvised 4715 keypad was manufactured in America and released to replace the faulty 3715 and 3750 keypads.

To their credit, the Australian Lagard Distributor were fast to act and pulled all the 3715 and the 3750 faulty batch keypads from the market and are only supplying newer and improved keypads.

Since 2011, we have been receiving a high volume of customer complaints that their safes would not open anymore and after running through the usual trouble shooting sequences found the problem lay with the keypad. We attended to their problems and solved the issue by getting their safe opened and replacing the keypad with the newer, improvised 4715 keypad version.

The faulty keypads can be identified by the model number 3750 and 3715 as shown in image provided below on right.

The fault presented when the correct code was entered and instead of giving a double beep indicating correct code gave the triple beep code (a triple beep is used to indicate incorrect code ). If you have any doubts about Lagard digital lock problems, I implore you to keep the safe door open (provided you can get the safe open) and then lock the door in the open position so no one can close the safe so that the safe tech may access the back of the door to make replacement.

If your safe is less than 12 months old and is locking you out, I suggest you contact the supplier where the safe was purchased from for a warranty call, alternatively, we can attend, open your safe if need be, replace keypad with the newer 4715 or the 3000LG digipad, see image below, left side key pad.

Feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss the situation you may be experiencing.

Lagard 3715 3750 3000LG

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