Gel Dispensing Hygienic Door Handle

Purehold ProThe Purehold PRO is a unique, revolutionary pull door hygiene handle that automatically dispenses sanitising gel onto the users hand. Designed for use in HIGH-RISK areas, the Purehold PRO handle is ideal for use in food processing plants, hospitals, clean rooms and all staff/public toilets to ensure that hand hygiene is enforced
Features an Intelligent alcohol hand gel delivery system -dispensing the right amount of gel to each user.

Strong stainless steel frame (compliant with BS
Large alcohol hand gel capacity (1200ml) with
reserve reservoir.
Extremely easy to refill with Purehold disposable gel
refill bottles (sold separately).
Each refill (sold separately) lasts around 2,000 “pulls”
of the handle.
Low maintenance.
Red visual indicator ensures the handle never runs
out of gel.
Independent tests prove the Hygiene Handle to be
98.5% cleaner than a standard door handle.

How it works: To operate the Purehold PRO handle,
simply Grip the blue “gel” handle.Pull the door open as normal.
Rub hands together. It’s that easy!
Retail Sale Price $860.00 gst incl.