Kaba X10 High Security Safe Lock

Kaba X10The Kaba Mas X-10 series is the trusted choice for securing the Australian Government’s most sensitive material.
If you represent the military or a Government organisation, the Kaba X-10 high security safe lock should be your first choice, it’s approved to SL4 for use on approved all class A, B and B+ class containers.
The Kaba-X10 high security locks are only supplied to and may only be installed by an S.C.E.C endorsed, approved locksmith.
The Kaba X-10 provides all the benefits of high-security electronic locking while maintaining the reliability of a mechanical lock.
These locks require a professional, certified installer.
Our S.C.E.C approved and endorsed Locksmith staff are certified, trained in the installation and servicing of the Kaba X10 high security safe locks.

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