Locksmith in Pyrmont & Ultimo

Would have probably seen our identifiable Locksmith service fleet traveling up and down Harris Street or the inner back streets of Pyrmont and Ultimo. Our Locksmith staff are working in Pyrmont and Ultimo on a daily basis.

There is no walk-in Locksmith shop located in Pyrmont or Ultimo.

We would be one of the closest Locksmiths servicing the Pyrmont & Ultimo area. Our workshop and shop front is Located in the City, Chifley Plaza, approximately 1km away.

Our turnaround time to arrive at your door should be relatively fast should it be in an emergency situation such as being locked out with the stove still on and infant inside. We still would attend promptly in case of non emergency situations too.

We stock all or most of the Locking systems securing properties around Pyrmont and Ultimo.   We can complete the job on the spot when you need new locks fitted or replaced.

Feel free to contact us for prompt, professional and reliable Locksmith Service, 24/7.

(02) 9232 8839