Lockwood Nexion Lock


The Nexion electronic keyless lock represents the next generation in home security. An automatic deadlatch with added safety features, plus the convenience of keyless operation using the Q-Key remote control.

The Nexion electronic keyless lock is battery operated, it can be activated by the Q-Key remote control or mechanical key. The Q-Key has a range of up to three metres and uses the latest in encrypted rolling code technology for the highest security possible. Additional Q-Key remotes can easily be programmed by following a simple sequencing procedure. Should the Q-Key remote ever be misplaced, the lockset can be manually operated with a key.

The Nexion electronic keyless lock also has the unique Lockwood LockAlert status indicator that shows at a glance the lockset mode. The lockset can operate in three modes: Secure Mode, Safety Mode and Passage Mode.

Secure Mode (Red) Handles securely locked from both inside and outside

Safety Mode (Yellow) Handles securely locked from outside and free from the inside

Passage Mode (Green) Handles free from both inside and outside.

If you require further information regarding this product, feel free to contact us at anytime and speak directly with any of our own Master Locksmith.