SCEC Endorsed, Goverment Approved Locksmith

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You want someone you can truly TRUST Your business is looking for something more than just your average locksmith, right?

How about a locksmith that has been fully screened by the government and trained at ASIO-T4 security in Canberra?
How about someone who is qualified to work within government agencies and knows the latest security technology inside out?

A SCEC, (Security Construction and Equipment Commitee) endorsed locksmith has gained the highest possible security clearance. They are able to install highly advanced locking systems within government buildings and have access to the exclusive SCEC Security Equipment Catalogue.

To be considered for SCEC endorsement, a locksmith needs to undertake:
– Federal History Police Check
– Security Licence Check
– Business Licence Check
– Master Locksmith Association Check
– Client reference as a proven Locksmith capable of working on high security locking systems
– Business associate references as highly skilled and knowledgeable locksmith
– Identification, passport, birth certificate, driver licence

These thorough checks are designed to assure that the locksmith is of the highest calibre.
Additionally, the locksmith must undertake stringent briefing and training at T4 security in Canberra, which is overseen by ASIO. This involves a thorough understanding of security standards – ranging from low priority to top secret. They are also required to have in depth knowledge about complex security systems.

The hard work of profile screening is done for you, and you can be assured that you can completely trust a SCEC endorsed locksmith with your security requirements.
You want a high level of protection for your staff and property
Although the details are confidential, it’s fairly safe to say that the Australian Government doesn’t settle for second-rate security systems.

SCEC endorsed locksmiths are trained to install security products within government buildings, and the standards of protection required within these establishments are incredibly high.
In other words, if you hire a SCEC endorsed locksmith – you will receive the same level of security and service that government agencies have access to.

A SCEC endorsed locksmith can provide consultation on the best and most secure products available and tailor a solution to suit your needs.
Your security business’s staff and property are simply too precious to leave in the hands of just any unknown person. You need a locksmith that can provide your business with the utmost protection.

You want exclusive access to sophisticated security systems
Need a security solution a little more advanced than the old lock and key?
A SCEC endorsed locksmith has access to the SCEC Security Equipment Catalogue which provides a list of cutting edge security products. Products on this list are not publically available – meaning your SCEC endorsed locksmith has exclusive access.
All products have been thoroughly and regularly tested to make sure they adhere to the highest security standards. Your SCEC endorsed locksmith can customise a solution to fit your business’s unique needs, ensuring full protection for your staff and property.
Some of the SCEC approved security products your locksmith can advise you on are:
• SCEC-approved locks and hardware (locks may be electronic, combination or keyed)*
• SCEC-approved security containers are designed for storage of security classified information
• SCEC-approved commercial safes and vaults
* Be advised that locks are only as strong as the fittings and hardware surrounding them.

Your locksmith will also assess the level of protection needed from doors and frames when selecting locks.

The beauty of hiring a SCEC endorsed locksmith is that their credentials have already been screened for you. They will provide the highest possible level of security designed to provide the utmost protection for your staff and property. You will receive cutting edge security advice and products, and access to highly advanced locking systems.
This is why your business should settle for nothing less than a SCEC endorsed locksmith.

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