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Latest Lockwood Pentagon Locks

These locks have various latching functions which can be operated by key or handle outside and by turnsnip inside.

They are suitable for heavy duty use in industrial and commercial buildings, institutions, clubs, schools, hospitals, hotels and similar buildings.

These locks have various latching functions which can be operated by key or by a handle inside.

Changing function on this lock is simply, it can easily be done without removing the lock from the door, by adjusting the Pentagon hub selector, and cylinder function selector on the face of the lock.

Features and Benefits of the Pentagon Mortice Lock

  • Ability to change lock function and handing without removing the lock from the door
  • Easy in-door commissioning
  • One universal cylinder cam performs all locking functions
  • Australian designed and manufactured, the 3P70 Series Cylinder Mortice Locks are made from high quality materials
    to meet high durability and strength requirements.
  • 35 degrees of lever rotation required to fully retract latch and auxiliary bolt.
  • Elongated rose furniture fixing holes to accept 38 – 41mm screw pitch.
  • Includes through case fixing holes for cylinder and turnknob escutcheons.
  • 60mm standard backset
  • 89 & 127mm backsets available.
  • Latchbolts are 15mm, stainless steel.
  • Universal 1.5mm stainless steel strike.
  • Available in stainless steel, satin chrome and polished brass finish.


Conforms to level SL8 Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2-2008) when fitted with door furniture and anti drill cylinder.

Exceeds level D8 (Durability) Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2-2008).

All 3P70 Series locks meet C6 (168 hrs) Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2-2008).

Lockwood 3P70 Series Mortice Locks have been successfully tested up to four hours (depending on type of doorset) on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1905.1- 2005, Part 1: Fire Resistant Doorsets.

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Change Locks When Moving In

Change Locks When Moving In

Change Locks When Moving In

When moving into your new premise, ask yourself this, “do I really know for sure how many copies of entry keys into my premise there are out there and who may have them?” Once you ask yourself this, it should come to you that action is required to eliminate unwanted person having access to your premise without your authorisation or knowledge. Best way to prevent them and surely secure your premise is to immediately call a Locksmith to re-key your front door locks and provide you with a new set of keys. It is a fairly quick procedure, usually about 20 minutes on-site and of little disruption. On most occasions, the Locksmith may attend your site the same day you call. The task for the hired Locksmith is to make sure the existing keys no longer work. You can be assured that you are the only key carrier presenting you with total knowledge and control of how many copies of keys there are.

Total cost to have a Master Locksmith attend to your premise to change your front standard door keylock and provide you with a new set of keys should cost under $100.00. This small investment is towards your peace of mind and assurance that no other is holding your key. Call us at anytime, we can arrange a professional Locksmith to attend your premise anywhere in Sydney at anytime.

There are 2 types of new owners or tenants in this situation, intractable ones that run the risk by not willing to take action and clever ones that immediately take safety precautions before harm occurs. Which one are you?