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Lagard 3715 3750

Faulty Lagard Kaba Digital Safe Locks

Experiencing issues with your digital safe lock?

If your experiencing 3 beeps and it’s locking you out, most likely the keypad is faulty and requires replacement.

20 years ago a small American company named Lagard produced a digital electronic lock which allowed users access the contents of their safe by pressing 6 digits on a keypad. Slowly they continued to refine the locks and offered additional options until they dominated the market.

Lagard today have produced some of the most innovative digital safe locks the safe industry has seen, unfortunately, back in 2011, decision was made to move the manufacturing to Asia, things steered downhill from then with the 3715 and the 3750 keypads faulting. In 2015, the decision was reversed and a newer, improvised 4715 keypad was manufactured in America and released to replace the faulty 3715 and 3750 keypads.

To their credit, the Australian Lagard Distributor were fast to act and pulled all the 3715 and the 3750 faulty batch keypads from the market and are only supplying newer and improved keypads.

Since 2011, we have been receiving a high volume of customer complaints that their safes would not open anymore and after running through the usual trouble shooting sequences found the problem lay with the keypad. We attended to their problems and solved the issue by getting their safe opened and replacing the keypad with the newer, improvised 4715 keypad version.

The faulty keypads can be identified by the model number 3750 and 3715 as shown in image provided below on right.

The fault presented when the correct code was entered and instead of giving a double beep indicating correct code gave the triple beep code (a triple beep is used to indicate incorrect code ). If you have any doubts about Lagard digital lock problems, I implore you to keep the safe door open (provided you can get the safe open) and then lock the door in the open position so no one can close the safe so that the safe tech may access the back of the door to make replacement.

If your safe is less than 12 months old and is locking you out, I suggest you contact the supplier where the safe was purchased from for a warranty call, alternatively, we can attend, open your safe if need be, replace keypad with the newer 4715 or the 3000LG digipad, see image below, left side key pad.

Feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss the situation you may be experiencing.

Lagard 3715 3750 3000LG

Contact myself (Ronnie) on (02) 9232 8839 or anytime on 0417 468 227.

CMI Logo

CMI Safes

CMI LogoWe have been supplying, delivering, installing and servicing various brands of safes for over 16 years and have found the product C.M.I Safes to be the benchmark of all safes.

The safes are made of solid construction using quality materials such as BHP solid steel with a flawless finish look, these safes are made to last. You would most likely find a C.M.I safe in a Government institutions building, Hotels and Clubs.
The CMI Safe Company has been manufacturing safes for over 60 years and is an Australian, family owned company.

CMI Premier SafeIndustry pioneer, Eric Berry Snr established the CMI Safe Company in 1946 at Dolls Point, New South Wales. Sixty-one years on, the CMI Safe Company now operates from Carlton in the St George and South regions of Sydney. 20Km form Sydney CBD area.

Today, the CMI Safe Company is operated by four of Mr Berry’s five sons, Eric, Ken, Noel and Les who actively manage and run the business on a day-to-day basis.
CMI Safes have become a major manufacturer of safes and allied security products for the Australian market.

CMI Safes are industry leaders and suppliers of Commercial Safes, Domestic Safes, Deposit Safes, Fire Arms Safes, Drug Cabinet Safes, Security Cabinet Safes and Strongroom Safes Doors, Australia wide.

Order a CMI Safe today to find out just why Federal Government Institutions all over Australia trust CMI Safes.

We can provide electronic .pdf brochures if you know what safe type you are searching for.

Delivery and Safe installation service available, Australia wide.

Not sure, no problems, visit CMI website at www.cmisafe.com.au or pop into their showroom / factory and have a close look up and feel of the safe they manufacture onsite, speak with Dennis or Ken Berry.

You should find what you are searching for, and more.

CMI Factory

Budget Safe

Budget Safes, how secure are they?

Before you commit to buying one, is a cheap safe secure? will it keep the unauthorised out? Here are 2 questions to ask when making a decision:

1. Try tapping the side of it, do you hear a tinny sound? Is the safe lightweight? If yes, the quality is poor in a security sense. The body of these safes are made with a light weight metal sheet and not solid steel. We have seen the damage an axe or a cordless drill can make to puncture these safes to allow access;

2. Is the digit pad glued to the face of the door? If so, the digital locking system is too simple and easy to bypass. Instead of wiring that runs through to a a solid lock body, the wiring on these safes run to an inner stand-alone mini solenoid. The spring system on these are weak, there are even video clips on YouTube that show the average person how to bypass these locks.

If your answer is yes to these 2 questions consider carefully if what you want to keep in your safe is too valuable to lose. A cheap safe is not a real safe. We say, ‘they are designed and manufactured to keep the kids ‘innocent’ out”.

This safe pic is an example of how a budget safe generally looks like.;

Budget Safe







Safe boltwork should exert pressure on the entire width of the lock bolt, not by a mini spring loaded solenoid which the above safe operates by. 

I am a qualified locksmith and accredited safe technician who has worked on the ins and outs of many different safes on the market, I am not a sales rep in favour of selling you a particular brand of safe. If I can steer you in the right direction in convincing you to stay away from any cheap and nasty safes, then I have been worthy.

Quality safes do cost more but they will protect your valuables far better than a low grade safe. They comprise mainly of solid steel bodies and use Safe Lock bodies. There are additional security features such as Re-Lockers, Drill Resistant Hardplates and Glass that sits between the internal lock body and the safe door. Making it really tough for the novice or the expert to penetrate to gain entry.

The one safe brand I personally trust is the Australian made CMI Safes. CMI is an established and reputable company and the craftsmanship that goes into their safes is second to none. Imported brands just aren’t as good.

Contact Us today if you would like further advice on purchasing a new safe.