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letterbox lock

Mailbox Theft!

Mailbox identity theft is on the rise. Mailbox thief
For identity theft gangs it’s open season on letterboxes everywhere.

Fact is, a single master key easily obtained opens over 90% of Australian letterboxes. Criminals know this, and are systematically exploiting this vulnerability to steal credit card and identity information and commit fraud.

Our daily mail may offer the same personal details about us which can be easily obtained and used by criminals for illegal activity such as targeting our bank accounts and our information can be used towards identity fraud, causing us loss and unnecessary stress.

Mailbox’s should be secure as much as a  safe, protecting our identity from identity fraud.

Unfortunately, more neighborhoods are experiencing more break inns into their letterboxes as they are an easy target.

Letterbox key locks of today are identified as low security and are dominated by Lowe & Fletcher type key locks which we classify as very low security.

Vulnerabilities of L&F letterbox locksletterbox lock

  •  Keys can be cut by code number shown on the lock should the original be misplaced.
  • Short mini lock body, 5 disc, 3 depth key cylinders that are easily picked.
  • All operated by single master key which can be sold to anyone, no question asked.

 This is an image of the L&F letterbox key lock with key number shown on lock


If you are in a strata situation or even single house dwelling, consider having your L&F letterbox key locks replaced with a high security, mailbox key lock that does not show the key code on the face of the lock, is pick resistant and is not operated by any master keys.

We at CBD Locksmiths are located in Sydney City can offer you this by replacing your L&F low security mailbox lock with a high security GEM lock.

We are replacing a high volume of L&F letterbox locks for strata units with GEM locks which has instantly solved their mailbox theft issues and keeping their postal identity safe.

Below is an image of the GEM lock.

Mailbox, leterbox lock

The visual of these locks installed also work as a deterrent.

We can supply and custom fit GEM locks, from single letterbox to entire strata buildings.

Feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss your options and pricing.

Ph: (02) 9232 8839 at anytime, 24/7.


Cupboard & Desk Drawer Key Locks

Being a locksmith business operating in the Sydney CBD amongst commercial office space,  we are amongst a high volume of cupboard and desk drawer key locks. On a negative aspect of these types of locking systems, we regularly find theses standard key locks used to be of minimal security.

Desk and cupboard drawer key lock bodies are usually made from zinc diecast. Any lock type made from zinc diecast are not strong and can easy be snapped, also, the thinness of the desk or cupboard drawer does not sustain a secure installation. In saying this, you should not solely rely on these key locks to securely secure your important documents and personal possessions. I keep telling my customers that cupboard and desk drawer key locks are put in place to keep the innocent out!

Also be aware that most cupboard and desk drawer key locks show digit numbers on the face of the key cylinder, with these digit numbers, keys to operate the lock can be cut and be easily purchased  from your local Master Locksmith store.

If you require key locks to your cupboard and desk drawer to better protect your documents or possessions , there are new secure cupboard and desk drawer key locks available, made from either solid steel or brass bodies and the key cylinders are pick resistant, they can also be only operated by a registered “DO NOT COPY” security key.

Feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss your options of these types of locking systems.


Local Locksmith



Door hardware generally in place complement it’s dwellings surrounding.

For instance, Locksmiths located in Sydney CBD on a daily basis deal with commercial grade door hardware, from basic key locks to hydraulic door closers.  A Locksmith located in a residential suburb would mainly deal with residential locks.

It is always wise to contact your local locksmith firstly as your local Locksmith should have an understanding of most common dwellings in your area and have correct parts ready to go.

CBD Locksmiths has been located and operating within the CBD area since 1989 dealing with commercial grade door hardware.

We at times are requested to attend to correct works of residential or automotive focused Locksmiths that have previously attended and installed the wrong hardware due to not understanding the building dwelling or it’s codes.

We here at CBD Locksmiths have seen and dealt with almost every locking brand and door hardware used throughout most commercial and residential buildings in the heart of CBD.

We have almost every commercial lock brand and type in stock that is mainly used around our surroundings. Our local customers always receive prompt service with immediate access to door hardware at all times. If you are located in the City, your door hardware would be of commercial grade that specially meets building requirements. Why would you call a residential Locksmith from a suburban who usually deals with residential door hardware?

Call a Locksmith from outside your area and you are putting yourself at risk by firstly waiting for them to arrive from their long distant travel and a high chance of them having to return travel back to their area to pick up part (if stocked), and return.  This process would have taken time to complete and could be costly to you.

Whichever suburb you may be located in, it is always wise to contact your local Locksmith than a distant Locksmith.

Next time you require a Locksmith, it’s wise to contact your Local Locksmith don’t you think?


Types of Tumber Locks

There are three basic types of tumblers: lever, disc, and pin. Most lever tumbler locks, such as those used on luggage and briefcases, offer a low level of security. But, the lever tumbler locks used on bank safe-deposit boxes offer a high level of security. Disc tumbler locks, which offer a low-to-medium level of security, are often used on desks, file cabinets, and automobile doors and glove compartments. Pin tumbler locks can provide low, medium, and high security but, in general, they provide more security than other types of tumbler locks. Many prison locks and most house locks designed for exterior doors use pin tumbler cylinders.

A type of pin tumbler lock, called a tubular key lock (or tubular lock), has its tumblers arranged in a circular keyway. A tubular key lock uses a tubular key to push the tumblers into alignment. Because of its odd appearance, a tubular key lock is harder for most people to pick open. Tubular key locks are often found on vending machines, Laundromat equipment, and bicycle locks. They are highly recommended when replacing the standard disk locks on letterboxes.

High Security Locks                                                                                                                           A high-security lock is one that provides a high level of security to most types of attack, including drilling, sawing, wrenching, picking, and bumping. High security locks are much more expensive than most standard locks. It will have two or more means of protection—such as hardened drill-resistant inserts, wards, sidebars, and patented keys. Abloy, Bi-Lock, Kaba, Binary Plus, Lockwood Twin and Mul-T-Lock are a few brands of high-security locks. More news to follow on this..

If you require further information now, feel free to contact us at anytime.