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Lockwood Digital Lever Lock


New on the market! Lockwood’s innovative door handle with integrated electronic security, offre’s simple and effective key-less locking, without compromising aesthetics. Designed to enable conveniently controlled access to a door with easy installation.The Code Handle provides flexible locking options for doors that need to be always locked or alternatively can be left open to provide free access during the day and locked at night.

The Code Handle is ideal for offices, store rooms or a study at home.

The Code Handle is recommended for indoor use only.

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Lockwood Nexion Lock


The Nexion electronic keyless lock represents the next generation in home security. An automatic deadlatch with added safety features, plus the convenience of keyless operation using the Q-Key remote control.

The Nexion electronic keyless lock is battery operated, it can be activated by the Q-Key remote control or mechanical key. The Q-Key has a range of up to three metres and uses the latest in encrypted rolling code technology for the highest security possible. Additional Q-Key remotes can easily be programmed by following a simple sequencing procedure. Should the Q-Key remote ever be misplaced, the lockset can be manually operated with a key.

The Nexion electronic keyless lock also has the unique Lockwood LockAlert status indicator that shows at a glance the lockset mode. The lockset can operate in three modes: Secure Mode, Safety Mode and Passage Mode.

Secure Mode (Red) Handles securely locked from both inside and outside

Safety Mode (Yellow) Handles securely locked from outside and free from the inside

Passage Mode (Green) Handles free from both inside and outside.

If you require further information regarding this product, feel free to contact us at anytime and speak directly with any of our own Master Locksmith.

Lockwood-DX (1)

Digital Lock

The Lockwood Digital DX Digital Lock is the highest in quality and the benchmark of all Digital locks that is currently available on the Australian market. It is highly recommended by Locksmiths and vastly used in commercial buildings in the Sydney CBD area. It provides a mechanical method of keyless entry. Electrical wiring or batteries are not required.

Digit code is easily changed to any 4, 5 or 6 digit code using the code changing kit provided with each lock. Unlike non mechanical digital locks which the code can be changed by programming from the keypad, The Lockwood DX digital lock would require removal from door to do perform a combination change.

Operation from Outside
Press the C button, enter the correct code, then turn the knob to unlock the door. Upon releasing the turn knob the code is automatically cancelled.

Operation from Inside
Opened by knob/lever at all times.

Finishes, Satin Chrome and Polished Brass Plate.

This lock is available in stock and same day supply and installation is available.

There are a wide variety of mechanical or non mechanical digital locks available, contact us at anytime on (02) 9232 8839 for further information.


Digital Codelock CL2000

With fast, easy programming up to 80 different user codes via the keypad, the CL2000 series is ideal for a wide range of entry control applications such as health, education, commercial and residential environments.

Electronic functionality provides major benefits over mechanical locks, such as programming at the keypad, multiple codes, one-time user codes and soft press use of buttons.

Operation  from code pad side is by key or entering in the correct code and turning knob, inside operation is via a turn knob or pull down lever which is unlocked at all times, free to egress.

–          Can be used with deadlatches, mortice locks or nightlatches where locks are not supplied with digital.

–          Allows up to 80 user codes and 10 1 time user codes.

–          Codes can be 4, 5 or 6 digits long.

–          On door programming via master code.

–          LED indicates locked or unlocked.

–          Over 80,000 operations from 4 x AA cells (supplied with lock).

–          Low battery warning.

–          “Code free” (passage mode0 free to enter and exit at all times setup from keypad.

–          12 months warranty.

We have been installing this series of digital lock for the past 2 years with no warranty call back, we have been even using it on our store room for over 2 years now without a single hitch, batteries have not even gone flat yet! Tested, proven, impressed and highly recommended. Call us on (02) 9232 8839 for further information or demonstration.

CS Evolution Access Control

CS Evolution Access Control

CS Evolution Access Control


This widely used CS access control system is Australian designed and made by CS Technologies.

Complete data logged door access control system. Allows you to add and delete users with a click of a mouse. Controls and records who, when and where.

Not only can it control doors, it can part control your alarm, lighting, air conditioning and lifts. “now that’s what I call intelligent security”.

Programme can be securely accessed and controlled from a central unit, or any any internet connection point with a PC or iPhone app.

Evolution is user-friendly. The system is designed to provide a cost effective solution plus the ability to seamlessly expand and adapt to future growth needs. There is no need to pay for “overweight” access control systems. CS Access Control is available at a fraction of the price, does not need an engineer to program and offers all the features that the majority of sites will require.

No licence or annual fees are required to own and run this system.

It’s tested and proven to be of high Security, reliable, expandable and once again, extremely user friendly.

Furthermore, CS Technologies and LSC are our local supplier permitting us instant access to its complete product range, same business day. No waiting on parts.

We would be more than happy to attend your premises and discuss with you how you may be able to benefit from this intelligent security access system and how it can work for you.

Contact us on 902) 9232 8839 for further information or question you may have regarding this system.