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Where to go for a Key Cut

Where to go for a Key Cut

Where to go for a Key Cut

When you require a key cut, I recommend you take your key into a Locksmith shop to have it cut.

The reason I say this, is that locksmiths deeply understand the ins and outs of a locking system and when they are cutting a key, they can pin point any imperfections of a key cut.

Locksmiths generally use state of the art key cutting machines. However, from time to time, key machine cutters tend to wear out and become out of alignment.  A key machine to a Locksmith is his/her tool and can be instantly re-aligned by them.

They use it many times throughout there working day. It becomes a part of them.

A locksmith instantly notices when their key machine is out of alignment and has the knowledge and skill to replace worn parts or apply adjustments to the machine for perfect cutting at all times.

When a Locksmith detaches the key from the key machine after cutting, they can instantly notice if the key is cut correctly before handing it over to you.

The return of badly cut key to an accredited locksmith store is next to none.

Most key cutting stores (non accredited locksmiths) such as Hardware’s and Shoe Repair’s generally use basic key cutting machines. Their employees are generally offered basic training in key duplication. They rely on the key machine to cut the key and most of the time cannot pick up when a key is cut incorrectly.

At times, we are called in to these stores to assist them with calibrating their key machines.

Annoyed Customers are coming into our shop frequently to have their keys re-cut which did not when cut from a non locksmith key cutter, when asked where they got their key cut at, we generally know the answer before they tell us. So now you know where to go for your key cutting if you want to be assured that that your newly cut key is actually going to work your lock.