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Entity Name Change

We have changed our sole trading name to a newly registered name CBD Locksmiths NSW P/L. Our new ABN is 78 154 021 146.

From January 1st 2012, we will be trading under our new entity name, CBD Locksmiths NSW P/L, all our other details, including our trading and postal address, will remain the same.

Our CBD LOCKSMITHS logo which has been showing for the past 16 years remains.

Owner and operators of CBD Locksmiths NSW P/L to remain the same, same friendly faces, same service, same prices, different outlook.

Look out for exciting new security locking products and business location in 2012.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at anytime on (02) 9232 8839


Local Locksmith



Door hardware generally in place complement it’s dwellings surrounding.

For instance, Locksmiths located in Sydney CBD on a daily basis deal with commercial grade door hardware, from basic key locks to hydraulic door closers.  A Locksmith located in a residential suburb would mainly deal with residential locks.

It is always wise to contact your local locksmith firstly as your local Locksmith should have an understanding of most common dwellings in your area and have correct parts ready to go.

CBD Locksmiths has been located and operating within the CBD area since 1989 dealing with commercial grade door hardware.

We at times are requested to attend to correct works of residential or automotive focused Locksmiths that have previously attended and installed the wrong hardware due to not understanding the building dwelling or it’s codes.

We here at CBD Locksmiths have seen and dealt with almost every locking brand and door hardware used throughout most commercial and residential buildings in the heart of CBD.

We have almost every commercial lock brand and type in stock that is mainly used around our surroundings. Our local customers always receive prompt service with immediate access to door hardware at all times. If you are located in the City, your door hardware would be of commercial grade that specially meets building requirements. Why would you call a residential Locksmith from a suburban who usually deals with residential door hardware?

Call a Locksmith from outside your area and you are putting yourself at risk by firstly waiting for them to arrive from their long distant travel and a high chance of them having to return travel back to their area to pick up part (if stocked), and return.  This process would have taken time to complete and could be costly to you.

Whichever suburb you may be located in, it is always wise to contact your local Locksmith than a distant Locksmith.

Next time you require a Locksmith, it’s wise to contact your Local Locksmith don’t you think?