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Lockwood-DX (1)

Digital Lock

The Lockwood Digital DX Digital Lock is the highest in quality and the benchmark of all Digital locks that is currently available on the Australian market. It is highly recommended by Locksmiths and vastly used in commercial buildings in the Sydney CBD area. It provides a mechanical method of keyless entry. Electrical wiring or batteries are not required.

Digit code is easily changed to any 4, 5 or 6 digit code using the code changing kit provided with each lock. Unlike non mechanical digital locks which the code can be changed by programming from the keypad, The Lockwood DX digital lock would require removal from door to do perform a combination change.

Operation from Outside
Press the C button, enter the correct code, then turn the knob to unlock the door. Upon releasing the turn knob the code is automatically cancelled.

Operation from Inside
Opened by knob/lever at all times.

Finishes, Satin Chrome and Polished Brass Plate.

This lock is available in stock and same day supply and installation is available.

There are a wide variety of mechanical or non mechanical digital locks available, contact us at anytime on (02) 9232 8839 for further information.


Electromagnetic Lock

Electronic magnetic locks are a locking device which consists of an electromagnet and a holding plate.

The magnetic lock is suitable for both in-swing and out-swings doors. They are ideal for applications from cupboard doors through to high use commercial glass doors. They are mainly used on Tampa glass doors where drilling or cutting into the door is not an option. Most installations are surface mounted with the cabling or wiring inserted into the cavity of the wall, ceiling, frame or wooden door, out of view.

These electromagnetic locks are fire rated up to 4hrs on fire doors.

They are fail safe, which means in case of power failure, the magnetic locks unlocks.


  • Fail Safe
  • Silent Operation, no buzzing sound.
  • Holding force 1125lb
  • Field selectable dual voltage
  • Instantaneous release
  • Aluminium Finish
  • Locked or unlocked LED light indication.

If you require further information, please feel free to contact us at anytime.


Local Locksmith



Door hardware generally in place complement it’s dwellings surrounding.

For instance, Locksmiths located in Sydney CBD on a daily basis deal with commercial grade door hardware, from basic key locks to hydraulic door closers.  A Locksmith located in a residential suburb would mainly deal with residential locks.

It is always wise to contact your local locksmith firstly as your local Locksmith should have an understanding of most common dwellings in your area and have correct parts ready to go.

CBD Locksmiths has been located and operating within the CBD area since 1989 dealing with commercial grade door hardware.

We at times are requested to attend to correct works of residential or automotive focused Locksmiths that have previously attended and installed the wrong hardware due to not understanding the building dwelling or it’s codes.

We here at CBD Locksmiths have seen and dealt with almost every locking brand and door hardware used throughout most commercial and residential buildings in the heart of CBD.

We have almost every commercial lock brand and type in stock that is mainly used around our surroundings. Our local customers always receive prompt service with immediate access to door hardware at all times. If you are located in the City, your door hardware would be of commercial grade that specially meets building requirements. Why would you call a residential Locksmith from a suburban who usually deals with residential door hardware?

Call a Locksmith from outside your area and you are putting yourself at risk by firstly waiting for them to arrive from their long distant travel and a high chance of them having to return travel back to their area to pick up part (if stocked), and return.  This process would have taken time to complete and could be costly to you.

Whichever suburb you may be located in, it is always wise to contact your local Locksmith than a distant Locksmith.

Next time you require a Locksmith, it’s wise to contact your Local Locksmith don’t you think?

Change Locks When Moving In

Change Locks When Moving In

Change Locks When Moving In

When moving into your new premise, ask yourself this, “do I really know for sure how many copies of entry keys into my premise there are out there and who may have them?” Once you ask yourself this, it should come to you that action is required to eliminate unwanted person having access to your premise without your authorisation or knowledge. Best way to prevent them and surely secure your premise is to immediately call a Locksmith to re-key your front door locks and provide you with a new set of keys. It is a fairly quick procedure, usually about 20 minutes on-site and of little disruption. On most occasions, the Locksmith may attend your site the same day you call. The task for the hired Locksmith is to make sure the existing keys no longer work. You can be assured that you are the only key carrier presenting you with total knowledge and control of how many copies of keys there are.

Total cost to have a Master Locksmith attend to your premise to change your front standard door keylock and provide you with a new set of keys should cost under $100.00. This small investment is towards your peace of mind and assurance that no other is holding your key. Call us at anytime, we can arrange a professional Locksmith to attend your premise anywhere in Sydney at anytime.

There are 2 types of new owners or tenants in this situation, intractable ones that run the risk by not willing to take action and clever ones that immediately take safety precautions before harm occurs. Which one are you?

Locksmiths & Their Abilities

Locksmiths & Their Abilities

Locksmiths & Their Abilities

Most of us often turn to a locksmith in the event of a burglary. We ask a locksmith to improve the safety of our house so that we don’t have to face such a situation again. But it’s already too late. What precious valuables we had indoors is long gone and we can only blame ourselves for not acting faster and hiring the services of a locksmith earlier.

Locksmiths have the ability to ensure that your house, office, etc is safe and no unauthorized individual can enter. When your locks are faulty, locksmiths can repair or replace them, especially if they have been super-glued. If you lose your key, locksmiths come to your aid within minutes to make and provide you with new keys on the spot.

You can buy the besy locks that are available in the market to ensure that your home is safe and that there is no uninvited person entering your home; but what happens when you lose the key to your locks. You are locked out. There is no way to enter your own house (without damaged) and this can be a frustrating event. This is when you would need a locksmith to get you back up on your feet right away.

Locksmiths take their profession seriously and passionately. You can call them to repair your locks, pick open locks, make new keys to your locks, or just to improve the safety of your property by upgrading your existing security. You security is their priority and they make sure that your interest is always kept in mind. After all, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.


Locksmith Round-The-Clock

Don’t we all just love it when we get everything we need at anytime we need it? We don’t really like waiting for hours to get something that we need in a time of desperation. We love quick service and the faster the solution gets to us, the better it is.

Locksmith services are mostly provided round the clock to tackle every uninvited situation that you are faced with, in terms of your locks. If you’re coming home from a late night party and don’t remember where your keys are, call the locksmith, he’ll get you in within minutes. If you’re late to catch your flight and you’ve locked yourself out of your car, call the locksmith again, he’ll fix that for you in a jiffy.

Round the clock locksmith services or 24 hours locksmith services are extremely beneficial for any customer and that is why it is widely offered with most packages. The round the clock service is meant to give your convenience a priority and hence provide service at all times. It’s the most appealing service that locksmiths offer and a really handy one too.

Locksmiths are well equipped with some of the most advanced tools to open locked doors instantly. The best part is that round the clock locksmith services are surprisingly affordable. This really gives this service the edge over other features of a locksmith package. Having something reliable at the press of a button certainly seems to entice everyone.

Round the clock locksmith services are here to make your life a lot easier, so why not take advantage of them?


Hiring a Professional Locksmith

Master Locksmith

The advantages of hiring a professional locksmith are several. You can choose to save a little money by hiring the services of locksmiths who are not professionals, but you would be putting a lot at risk by doing so. You need a locksmith who you can rely on completely to take care of all your residential and office security needs, and that is why a professional locksmith is so important.

A professional locksmith would cater to your situation at any time of the day because they operate in a 24×7 window. They take care of any emergencies that you have and handle your situation swiftly and efficiently. Professional locksmiths use all the right equipment while handling your locks and ensure that you are provided with only the best high tech lock systems.

Professional locksmiths would recommend what type of lock system to use depending on your doors, area of living and the type of security you want to provide to your house. They also ensure that you are given backup keys for you to have convenience over limitation. They are fully capable of handling all kinds of door locks, be it glass, steel or wood and they install trustworthy locking systems for your home and office to ensure that you’re secure at all times.

Whether you get locked out of your house or of your car, you can always call a professional locksmith and be fully assured that they would arrive at the spot as fast as they can and unlock that door for you.

Locksmiths should be capable and reliable and provide you with their services at all times and that is why hiring a professional locksmith is one decision that you would never regret.

“Lock & Key” – It’s Not a Game Any Longer

“Lock & Key” – It’s Not a Game Any Longer

“Lock & Key” – It’s Not a Game Any Longer

Getting locked out of your car, your house, or your office is a frustrating affair. Everyone wants to be able to open their locks with ease and when that does not happen, it is annoying. Keys hold the solution to stubborn locks and losing your key can be a time consuming affair. This is why you need a professional locksmith to cater to your needs at any time of the day. So if you lose your key to your house at 3 in the morning or you’ve been locked out of your car on the highways at any time, a locksmith ensures that your locks are opened swiftly and you’re right back on track.

Most locksmiths operate in a 24 hour window on all seven days of the week. This is extremely beneficial because you can call for help at any time of the day or night. They perform services such as lock picking, repairing locks, and other much needed services too. God forbid, if some had to break into your home, a professional locksmith will be able to assist you in finding out how exactly he broke in and what your need to do in the future to stay secure. In addition to this, your locks may anyways need to be replaced right, so you would most certainly have to call a locksmith to get that fixed. Locksmiths can test your locks and give you a straightforward opinion of what improvements you need to make in order to stay safe.

Remember that “lock & key” are not just a game anymore.


What to look for in a Locksmith


Choosing a locksmith is a lot more tedious than it looks like. You have to find out what kind of services they offer and how soon they respond to your situation. You would also need to take some time out to go check their past business relationships and how have they handled situations with previous clients. This will give you an idea of what to expect from them and if you should even consider choosing their services.
The things to look for:
1. Would they provide emergency services for situations where you lock yourself out of your house?
2. Are they available 24×7 – this is a huge advantage.
3. What are services come along with their package?
4. Out of all the services they offer, how many are you going to use – Is it cost effective?
5. How flexible are they with their packages?
6. Measure the Pro’s and the Con’s
7. Are they an established locksmith?
8. Rely on the feedback of previous clients that they would tell you about their experience with the locksmith.
9. Do you have to pay them before they start the work or can you pay them once you’re satisfied with their service?
10. Ask them for a price list. A price list is extremely useful as it gives details of the prices and discounts for the services they offer. Look carefully for the cost of an emergency service as you are most likely to use this service more than any other.
Getting these facts in place before you choose a locksmith can save you from a great deal of trouble in the long run.

Lost Your Key – Locksmith to the Rescue

Lost Your Key – Locksmith to the Rescue

Lost Your Key – Locksmith to the Rescue

You’ve got to run a quick errand and you’re already short on time. You pick up your car keys from the table and step out, slamming the door behind you as you hurriedly head towards your car, but you stop short realizing that the house keys have been left inside. Stuck, aren’t you?
Being locked out is not only a time consuming affair but also a frustrating one. You could get locked out of your home, your car, office, etc, and when you need to get back in there, there is only one solution – A Locksmith.
Locksmiths come to the rescue in such situations and like a magic fairy – They get doors unlocked for you. All your built-up frustration seems to escape the moment you see that locked door swing wide open, inviting you inside again. The matter of fact is, such incidents could happen to anyone and we all must be prepared for them. Hiring the services of a locksmith is a smart choice because it could save you a lot of time and effort to get that locked door open. Locksmiths provide a range of services for your benefit and the advantage is that they are highly cost effective. Most locksmiths even operate 24×7, which means that no matter what time it is that you’ve locked yourself out; you can always rely on their services. They are extremely quick with their service and have all the equipment needed to make sure that no damage is caused to your door while doing so.
Ignoring the fact that everyone needs a locksmith would be a careless decision as sooner or later, we’re all going to call for one.