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Chubb Lock

History of Lock Picking

Old LockThe pursuit of lock-picking is as old as the lock, which is itself as old as civilization. But in the entire history of the world, there was only one brief moment, lasting about 70 years, where you could put something under lock and key—a chest, a safe, your home—and have complete, unwavering certainty that no intruder could get to it.
This is a feeling that security experts call “perfect security.” Since we lost perfect security in the 1850s, it has remained elusive. Despite tremendous leaps forward in security technology, we have never been able to get perfect security back.
Locks go back at least as far as ancient Egypt (though perhaps originate in ancient Mesopotamia). From the Middle Ages on for hundreds of years, locks were not very good. The best that locksmiths could do was add features like false keyholes that might at best might confuse a trespasser.
But everything changed in 1770s with the arrival of an inventor named Joseph Bramah to the English locksmithing scene. Bramah was a polymath engineer who would come to be known as one of the fathers of pneumatic power. But he also applied his talents toward improving locks. He created a lock that was vastly superior to any the world ever seen. His so-called Bramah safety lock had layers of complexity in between the key and the deadbolt that Bramah believed made it 100 percent theftproof. Bramah was so confident in his design that he published a pamphlet detailing exactly how it worked.
Bramah had another idea that would revolutionize locksmithing—turning it into a contest. As soon as he had a padlock version of this lock that he felt confident in, he put it in the window of his London storefront, and painted on it a challenge in 1777 offering 200 guineas (about 20,000 pounds or $30,000 today) for anyone who could make an instrument capable of picking the lock. Many people tried to crack Bramah’s challenge lock, but no one, not even with his or her own tools, could get it open.
Bramah’s new unbeatable lock—and the hoopla surrounding it—caught the attention of the British crown. The British government wanted to up the game; it wanted a lock that wouldn’t just be unbreakable, but would also alert the owner if someone tried to open it. Another locksmith named Jeremiah Chubb met that challenge with his Chubb detector lock. The government awarded Chubb 100 pounds ($147) for his innovation.

For years, the names Chubb and Bramah were all but interchangeable with “perfect security”—but only until the Lock Controversy of 1851.
In 1851, London was hosting the Great Exhibition—the first international exhibition of manufactured products. One of the attendees was A.C. Hobbs, an American locksmith. Back in the States, Hobbs had made a name for himself by showing bank managers that their locks could be easily picked and convincing them to buy one of his. Hobbs was selling lots of locks this way. On the first day of the exhibition, Hobbs publicly announced that he would pick the Chubb detector lock—the one that stops working if you pick it incorrectly.
A witness wrote that it took Hobbs about 25 minutes. And the way Hobbs did it was to use the lock against itself. He would pick it until he tripped the detector mechanism, causing the lock to seize up. That would give Hobbs information about how it worked, and then he would pick the lock in the opposite direction to reset the detector. He’d go back and forth firing and resetting the detector until the lock told him everything he needed to know about how to get it open.
But the Chubb detector lock was really just a warmup. The main event was the Bramah safety lock—the one with the challenge painted on it in gold lettering, which had been sitting Bramah’s storefront window for 70 years, unbeaten, taunting lock pickers everywhere.

Hobbs threw down the gauntlet. Bramah had died by this point, and his sons were running his shop. They gave Hobbs a room above the store where could stay for 30 days while he worked on the lock. He was allowed to set it up however he wanted and use all his own tools. Monitors came to check in on him periodically. After working on the lock for about 52 hours over the course of 14 days, Hobbs opened the Bramah safety lock. Overnight, the feeling of perfect security had evaporated. And we have never gotten it back.

Locksmiths weren’t able to convince the public that perfect security could be restored, but they did keep inventing new locks. One such locksmith was Linus Yale Jr. You have probably seen present-day locks with the name Yale on them—that’s because Yale’s company was able to mass-produce its locks at a scale that no one had before. The design was called “pin and tumbler”—it became the world’s most common lock, and they are still made today. It’s probably the lock you have on your door, nowadays, known as Lockwood.


Lockwood Digital Lever Lock


New on the market! Lockwood’s innovative door handle with integrated electronic security, offre’s simple and effective key-less locking, without compromising aesthetics. Designed to enable conveniently controlled access to a door with easy installation.The Code Handle provides flexible locking options for doors that need to be always locked or alternatively can be left open to provide free access during the day and locked at night.

The Code Handle is ideal for offices, store rooms or a study at home.

The Code Handle is recommended for indoor use only.

Feel free to contact us at anytime for further information and pricing.


Fire Department Key lock


For all fire brigade access doors, cabinets or extinguishers throughout Australia, there are key locks readily available that are keyed to the 003 key.

This key is held by the fire Brigade team so they may have instant access during emergencies.

We stock and supply these lock cylinders such as 201 rim cylinders to suit Lockwood nighlatches or Lockwood 002 deadlatches. Padlocks, miniature cam locks and 570 oval key cylinders to suit mortice locks, All keyed to Fire Brigade 003 key. Our team of tradesman can even come out and install them for you.

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Lockwood Panic Exit Device

Lockwood Panic exit devices in accordance with BCA (building codes of Australia) and all applicable fire and safety code requirements. Used in conjunction with a Lockwood 3572 mortice lock for single or double doors.

Features include:

— Supplied with Synergy 3572 mortice lock offering restricted keying options
— Operates on a push of a horizontal bar fitted across the door
— Suitable for 900mm and 1200mm width doors
— Surface mounted
— Deadlatching via use of the mortice lock
— 4 hour fire rated
— Cylinder key holdback function via mortice lock use
— Suitable for single and double door applications
— Door thicknesses of 35mm-45mm

We would more than happy to discuss with you your BCA requirements and options, feel free to contact us at anytime.


Lockwood Assa Abloy


Lockwood as we know it today is leading the way in security locking products.

Lockwood emerged from a diversified manufacturing organisation called Ogden Industries in 1934.

It was here the foundations were laid for Lockwood to become a focused manufacturer of locking systems. In April 2000, Lockwood Security Products became an integral part of the ASSA ABLOY group of companies.

ASSA ABLOY is the world’s leading provider of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic locking solutions, employing 25,000 people worldwide.

The group produces the highest quality security locking products for residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

The Lockwood Advantage

  • Leading the trend toward higher security
  • New products developed in accordance with relevant Australian Standards
  • Manufacturing in Australia since 1934
  • Quality endorsed company (ISO 9001)
  • Research and development departments with extensive testing facilities and capabilities.
  • Comprehensive keying system options available on most products
  • Sales and technical representatives and support throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We here at CBD Locksmiths have been installing Lockwood security products for over 16 years and found the product to be of the highest quality. If you are seeking quality in security locking products that you can trust and rely on, always seek Lockwood. We highly recommend it.

If you haven’t locked up with Lockwood, have you really locked up?


Latest Lockwood Pentagon Locks

These locks have various latching functions which can be operated by key or handle outside and by turnsnip inside.

They are suitable for heavy duty use in industrial and commercial buildings, institutions, clubs, schools, hospitals, hotels and similar buildings.

These locks have various latching functions which can be operated by key or by a handle inside.

Changing function on this lock is simply, it can easily be done without removing the lock from the door, by adjusting the Pentagon hub selector, and cylinder function selector on the face of the lock.

Features and Benefits of the Pentagon Mortice Lock

  • Ability to change lock function and handing without removing the lock from the door
  • Easy in-door commissioning
  • One universal cylinder cam performs all locking functions
  • Australian designed and manufactured, the 3P70 Series Cylinder Mortice Locks are made from high quality materials
    to meet high durability and strength requirements.
  • 35 degrees of lever rotation required to fully retract latch and auxiliary bolt.
  • Elongated rose furniture fixing holes to accept 38 – 41mm screw pitch.
  • Includes through case fixing holes for cylinder and turnknob escutcheons.
  • 60mm standard backset
  • 89 & 127mm backsets available.
  • Latchbolts are 15mm, stainless steel.
  • Universal 1.5mm stainless steel strike.
  • Available in stainless steel, satin chrome and polished brass finish.


Conforms to level SL8 Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2-2008) when fitted with door furniture and anti drill cylinder.

Exceeds level D8 (Durability) Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2-2008).

All 3P70 Series locks meet C6 (168 hrs) Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2-2008).

Lockwood 3P70 Series Mortice Locks have been successfully tested up to four hours (depending on type of doorset) on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1905.1- 2005, Part 1: Fire Resistant Doorsets.

We can offer you sales, service and installation of this and many other Lockwood products.

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Shopper V's Victim

I typically get 2 types of callers, “price shopper” and a “victim”.

As far as the two types of callers, my opinion as a Master Locksmith is that the “price shopper” person is on the road to making a good decision regarding their security and not becoming a victim to crime. If a caller is a victim of a burglary, I request that they please teach what they have learned to family and friends to taking steps towards crime prevention.

Do not assume that the current security features of your home or office is satisfactory. Have a Lockwood 5 Star security check by a security professional to evaluate your home or office security. Every home or office can benefit from a security evaluation, and the peace of mind that comes with one is worth the time and effort.

Kinetic Defence

Kinetic Defence

Kinetic Defence

What is it?

KineticDefence™ is a technology that will be added to Lockwood 5 pin tumbler cylinders preventing “bump” attack.

A unique set of stainless steel driver pins, along with tight manufacturing tolerances increases the security of the cylinder by resisting bump and picking manipulation. These stainless steel driver pins have a unique geometry which resists the kinetic forces applied when under a “bump” attack.

Bumping” is a method of transferring energy to the internal pin tumblers to separate the pin sets while a rotational force is applied to defeat the cylinder.

Awareness of the method of bump attack on pin tumbler cylinders has increased with information shared on the internet sites such as YouTube. “

This method of attack can be best explained using the Newton Cradle as an example. Newton’s Cradle has a number of beads suspended and touching each other. If one of the beads are separated and released the kinetic energy is transferred through the other beads resulting in the end bead on the end of the line to separate and move away from the bead set. The reaction of the pin tumblers inside the cylinder is similar when under a “bump” attack using a specialised key.

If you require, further information, please feel free to contact us at anytime.


Lockwood 001TOUCH

Lockwood’s iconic 001 has been securing most homes in Australia. The new 001 is now available in digital. It has been tested in accordance with Australian lock standard. As with the original product, the 001TOUCH™ uses the 001 Dead latch to secure the door internally however, the external cylinder has been replaced with a digital touch screen keypad. The ability to use a pin code or key card offers a convenient keyless solution.
The touch screen keypad has no mechanical buttons, this allows you to choose a pin code from 4 – 12 digits and allows you to programme up to 20 key cards with the ability to remove them individually.

Further function are:

Master Code: Ability to add and delete users.

User Codes that expire: Ideal when a tradesman requires access .

Cryptic Code Function: Prevents, confuses others from identifying your pin.

Weather Resistant Keypad: Designed to withstand most weather conditions.

Low Power Consumption: Unlock door up to 10,000 timers with one set of 4 x AA batteries.

Emergency Battery Connection: External Battery contact points to power lock.

Click here to download pdf brochure

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Lockwood / ASSA ABLOY


Lockwood Security Products are market leaders of door hardware and locking solutions. Lockwood is the leading brand in Australian locking industry. Lockwood as we know it today, emerged from a diversified manufacturing organisation called Ogden Industries in 1834. It was here the foundations were laid for Lockwood to become a focused manufacturer of locking systems.

In April 2000, Lockwood Security Products Pty Limited became an integral part of the ASSA ABLOY group of companies. ASSA ABLOY is the world’s leading provider of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic locking solutions, employing over 25,000 people worldwide.

The group produces quality locks, fittings and accessories for residential, industrial and commercial buildings.


ASSA ABLOY is a true world leader, the most successful and innovative provider of door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end user needs for security, safety and convenience.

With more than 150 companies operating throughout the world, ASSA ABLOY today is the largest company in the industry, offering a more complete product range than any other company in the market.

ASSA ABLOY’s vision is to lead in innovation and provide well designed, convenient, safe and secure solutions that give true added value to our customers.

The partnership allows Lockwood to tap into the group’s vast resources and technological innovation, firmly assisting in strategic focus and ensuring the production of the highest quality locking solutions.

By our own experience and rigorous testing,  we claim Lockwood products as the benchmark of all security locking products in today’s market. Don’t settle for anything else if your seeking quality in security, effective and versatile.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime should you require further information on any Lockwood’s product range.