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letterbox lock

Mailbox Theft!

Mailbox identity theft is on the rise. Mailbox thief
For identity theft gangs it’s open season on letterboxes everywhere.

Fact is, a single master key easily obtained opens over 90% of Australian letterboxes. Criminals know this, and are systematically exploiting this vulnerability to steal credit card and identity information and commit fraud.

Our daily mail may offer the same personal details about us which can be easily obtained and used by criminals for illegal activity such as targeting our bank accounts and our information can be used towards identity fraud, causing us loss and unnecessary stress.

Mailbox’s should be secure as much as a  safe, protecting our identity from identity fraud.

Unfortunately, more neighborhoods are experiencing more break inns into their letterboxes as they are an easy target.

Letterbox key locks of today are identified as low security and are dominated by Lowe & Fletcher type key locks which we classify as very low security.

Vulnerabilities of L&F letterbox locksletterbox lock

  •  Keys can be cut by code number shown on the lock should the original be misplaced.
  • Short mini lock body, 5 disc, 3 depth key cylinders that are easily picked.
  • All operated by single master key which can be sold to anyone, no question asked.

 This is an image of the L&F letterbox key lock with key number shown on lock


If you are in a strata situation or even single house dwelling, consider having your L&F letterbox key locks replaced with a high security, mailbox key lock that does not show the key code on the face of the lock, is pick resistant and is not operated by any master keys.

We at CBD Locksmiths are located in Sydney City can offer you this by replacing your L&F low security mailbox lock with a high security GEM lock.

We are replacing a high volume of L&F letterbox locks for strata units with GEM locks which has instantly solved their mailbox theft issues and keeping their postal identity safe.

Below is an image of the GEM lock.

Mailbox, leterbox lock

The visual of these locks installed also work as a deterrent.

We can supply and custom fit GEM locks, from single letterbox to entire strata buildings.

Feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss your options and pricing.

Ph: (02) 9232 8839 at anytime, 24/7.

SCEC logo

SCEC Endorsed, Goverment Approved Locksmith

SCEC logo

You want someone you can truly TRUST Your business is looking for something more than just your average locksmith, right?

How about a locksmith that has been fully screened by the government and trained at ASIO-T4 security in Canberra?
How about someone who is qualified to work within government agencies and knows the latest security technology inside out?

A SCEC, (Security Construction and Equipment Commitee) endorsed locksmith has gained the highest possible security clearance. They are able to install highly advanced locking systems within government buildings and have access to the exclusive SCEC Security Equipment Catalogue.

To be considered for SCEC endorsement, a locksmith needs to undertake:
– Federal History Police Check
– Security Licence Check
– Business Licence Check
– Master Locksmith Association Check
– Client reference as a proven Locksmith capable of working on high security locking systems
– Business associate references as highly skilled and knowledgeable locksmith
– Identification, passport, birth certificate, driver licence

These thorough checks are designed to assure that the locksmith is of the highest calibre.
Additionally, the locksmith must undertake stringent briefing and training at T4 security in Canberra, which is overseen by ASIO. This involves a thorough understanding of security standards – ranging from low priority to top secret. They are also required to have in depth knowledge about complex security systems.

The hard work of profile screening is done for you, and you can be assured that you can completely trust a SCEC endorsed locksmith with your security requirements.
You want a high level of protection for your staff and property
Although the details are confidential, it’s fairly safe to say that the Australian Government doesn’t settle for second-rate security systems.

SCEC endorsed locksmiths are trained to install security products within government buildings, and the standards of protection required within these establishments are incredibly high.
In other words, if you hire a SCEC endorsed locksmith – you will receive the same level of security and service that government agencies have access to.

A SCEC endorsed locksmith can provide consultation on the best and most secure products available and tailor a solution to suit your needs.
Your security business’s staff and property are simply too precious to leave in the hands of just any unknown person. You need a locksmith that can provide your business with the utmost protection.

You want exclusive access to sophisticated security systems
Need a security solution a little more advanced than the old lock and key?
A SCEC endorsed locksmith has access to the SCEC Security Equipment Catalogue which provides a list of cutting edge security products. Products on this list are not publically available – meaning your SCEC endorsed locksmith has exclusive access.
All products have been thoroughly and regularly tested to make sure they adhere to the highest security standards. Your SCEC endorsed locksmith can customise a solution to fit your business’s unique needs, ensuring full protection for your staff and property.
Some of the SCEC approved security products your locksmith can advise you on are:
• SCEC-approved locks and hardware (locks may be electronic, combination or keyed)*
• SCEC-approved security containers are designed for storage of security classified information
• SCEC-approved commercial safes and vaults
* Be advised that locks are only as strong as the fittings and hardware surrounding them.

Your locksmith will also assess the level of protection needed from doors and frames when selecting locks.

The beauty of hiring a SCEC endorsed locksmith is that their credentials have already been screened for you. They will provide the highest possible level of security designed to provide the utmost protection for your staff and property. You will receive cutting edge security advice and products, and access to highly advanced locking systems.
This is why your business should settle for nothing less than a SCEC endorsed locksmith.

Contact us today on (02) 9232 8839 and speak directly with our own SCEC endorsed locksmith staff who are readily available to take your call, 24/7.


Locksmith in Paddington


CBD Locksmiths technicians & their equipped vans are daily servicing clients located in Paddington.

Our workshop is 5-10 minutes drive from Paddington at most.

We have assisted in securing many retail and commercial premises along Oxford St and secured many residential properties around Glenmore Road in Paddington. We know our way around Paddington and can navigate very quickly to get to you.

From quick lock outs, locks re-keyed to security lock installations.

If you are seeking an emergency locksmith in Paddington, we can arrange one of our friendly Locksmith staff member to promptly attend within 30 minutes and even quicker at times.

Feel free to contact us at anytime and speak directly with any of our friendly Locksmith staff members. Call us on (02) 9232 8839


SCEC Approved Locksmiths

SCEC logo

CBD Locksmith are SCEC approved Locksmiths. We are qualified, endorsed and approved to install SCEC approved products for Australian Government Departments and Agencies.

Our locksmiths backgrounds are checked by AFPT and have been security cleared, trained, tested and approved by the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC).

Highest level of security clearance in the Locksmith trade industry.

First Class Service, everytime.



New Website


Welcome to our newly renovated website.

If any information relating to keys, locks, safes or security systems is not available on our website, feel free to contact us at anytime and speak directly with any of our Locksmith staff, we will do our very best to answer any questions you may have, its what we love to do.




Ask a Locksmith

Ask a Locksmith

We have started a thread on reddit for people to ask questions to a master locksmith. More info to come…

WOW We had a huge response from this I am a locksmith link that we posted on reddit including lots of really good questions like…

“If you’re called, b/c someone was locked out of their house, what proof is needed for you to break-in for them?”

And some funny ones too like..

“Would you say being a master locksmith is your “Key” to happiness?”

We also had some questions that really pushed the boundaries of professionalism!

There are still a lot of questions that have gone unanswered over there which we will get to as soon as possible (it has been very busy around here).

Also we are floating the idea of having an ask a locksmith section on this site focus on home and business security issues in Australia. What do you think?




Cupboard & Desk Drawer Key Locks

Being a locksmith business operating in the Sydney CBD amongst commercial office space,  we are amongst a high volume of cupboard and desk drawer key locks. On a negative aspect of these types of locking systems, we regularly find theses standard key locks used to be of minimal security.

Desk and cupboard drawer key lock bodies are usually made from zinc diecast. Any lock type made from zinc diecast are not strong and can easy be snapped, also, the thinness of the desk or cupboard drawer does not sustain a secure installation. In saying this, you should not solely rely on these key locks to securely secure your important documents and personal possessions. I keep telling my customers that cupboard and desk drawer key locks are put in place to keep the innocent out!

Also be aware that most cupboard and desk drawer key locks show digit numbers on the face of the key cylinder, with these digit numbers, keys to operate the lock can be cut and be easily purchased  from your local Master Locksmith store.

If you require key locks to your cupboard and desk drawer to better protect your documents or possessions , there are new secure cupboard and desk drawer key locks available, made from either solid steel or brass bodies and the key cylinders are pick resistant, they can also be only operated by a registered “DO NOT COPY” security key.

Feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss your options of these types of locking systems.

MLAA Code of Conduct…

An MLAA member locksmith is a member of the Master Locksmith Association who has passed practical and theory tests and is confirmed to be fully licensed. Only approved MLAA members have restricted access to its security product range. When assigning an MLAA member to install a security key system for you, MLAA members guarantee that you will control the issue of keys to your restricted key system.

The MLAA locksmith is bound by contract, code of ethics and strict code of conduct, which is legally enforceable, not to cut keys for your restricted system without your authorisation. Non MLAA members such as Key cutters and hardware stores simply do not have access to these keys to cut them.

MLAA member locksmiths can create custom keying systems that may be as simple as two locks that use the same key (keyed alike).

They can also create complex master keying systems that allow sophisticated key control throughout entire buildings such as offices and factories, and cover all types of locks including door locks, padlocks, cupboard locks, and locks for cabinet and drawers.

In many cases, your existing locks can be maintained and MLAA locksmiths will fit registered design components to them.

Protecting your property using restricted keying systems is part of everyday work of a MLAA locksmith.

Remember to look for the MLAA logo, this is your guarantee of professional security.


Fire Rated Locksets

The Carbine and Brava range of combination 4000 & 6000 series knob/lever locksets provides the convenience of a knobset on the outside and the functionality of a leverset on the inside.

Carbine and Brava 4000/6000 series locksets are ideal for use on fire doors as the outer round knob is less prone to external attack than a lever handle, and from inside it is fitted with a fire rated lever handle for easy egress of people from a building.  Complies with current Australian building codes section D2.21

Features include:

  • tiebolt fixing
  • rose diameter of 75mm
  • backset adjustable 60mm – 70mm
  • fire rated
  • stainless steel latchbolt
  • suits doors with a thickness of 35mm – 45mm
  • supplied with two keys

Carbine and Brava 4000/6000 series fire rated locksets are available in satin chrome and polished brass finishes.

Outside function: The key retracts latch to unlock door. Inside function: opened by lever handle (pull down action) at all times.

Highly suitable for security master keying.

Contact us at anytime for further information.

Shopper V's Victim

I typically get 2 types of callers, “price shopper” and a “victim”.

As far as the two types of callers, my opinion as a Master Locksmith is that the “price shopper” person is on the road to making a good decision regarding their security and not becoming a victim to crime. If a caller is a victim of a burglary, I request that they please teach what they have learned to family and friends to taking steps towards crime prevention.

Do not assume that the current security features of your home or office is satisfactory. Have a Lockwood 5 Star security check by a security professional to evaluate your home or office security. Every home or office can benefit from a security evaluation, and the peace of mind that comes with one is worth the time and effort.