Types of Tumber Locks

There are three basic types of tumblers: lever, disc, and pin. Most lever tumbler locks, such as those used on luggage and briefcases, offer a low level of security. But, the lever tumbler locks used on bank safe-deposit boxes offer a high level of security. Disc tumbler locks, which offer a low-to-medium level of security, are often used on desks, file cabinets, and automobile doors and glove compartments. Pin tumbler locks can provide low, medium, and high security but, in general, they provide more security than other types of tumbler locks. Many prison locks and most house locks designed for exterior doors use pin tumbler cylinders.

A type of pin tumbler lock, called a tubular key lock (or tubular lock), has its tumblers arranged in a circular keyway. A tubular key lock uses a tubular key to push the tumblers into alignment. Because of its odd appearance, a tubular key lock is harder for most people to pick open. Tubular key locks are often found on vending machines, Laundromat equipment, and bicycle locks. They are highly recommended when replacing the standard disk locks on letterboxes.

High Security Locks                                                                                                                           A high-security lock is one that provides a high level of security to most types of attack, including drilling, sawing, wrenching, picking, and bumping. High security locks are much more expensive than most standard locks. It will have two or more means of protection—such as hardened drill-resistant inserts, wards, sidebars, and patented keys. Abloy, Bi-Lock, Kaba, Binary Plus, Lockwood Twin and Mul-T-Lock are a few brands of high-security locks. More news to follow on this..

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